Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Wesley's Vape & Hops Shop, a premium vape juice and hardware carrier as well as a craft beer company, we want you to be well informed about your experiences.

What is a Craft Juice?

There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but in general, companies that use only the finest ingredients (and take plenty of time to perfect each new flavor) often have the best e-juice. Spending months in the development stage, “craft e-juice” tends to be more complex and flavorful than your typical e-liquid, artfully combining a wide array of ingredients to produce a rich and satisfying experience. 

What is an Electronic Cigarette?
An electronic cigarette uses Vapor instead of tobacco to deliver flavor and nicotine to the user. The e-juice is vaporized in an “Atomizer” and delivers a warm flavorful vapor to the user.

Vapors sells many starter kits to get you going in the vaping experience.

How many parts are in an electronic Cigarette?
There are different types of E-Cigs but they all follow the same concept.  Usually there are three main parts, the battery, the atomizer , and cartridge to hold the e-Juice.  Some manufacturers combine the Atomizer and the Cartridge to create a Cartomizer.  Cartomizers are fast becoming the “Norm” with e-cigs.  Vapors carries a full line of cartomizers.

How do cartomizers work?
Cartomizers are a combination Atomizer/Cartridge in one unit. To use a cartomizer simply remove the top mouth piece and fill it with e-Juice. Be careful not overfill the cartomizer or you will “Flood “the unit (see flooding below). Cartomizers should be filled just below the bottom of the wick.

Cartomizers come in two different types:

Disposable cartomizers last about 2-3 weeks before they need replacement, These types of cartomizers are disposed of completely and are not rebuildable.

cartomizers are just that, rebuildable. You can remove the atomizer from the cartomizer and replace it with a new one. The atomizer contains the coil which heats up the e-Juice and produces the vapor. The coil is typically the component that burns out. Rebuildable cartomizers are generally little more expensive but save money in the long run since the replacement atomizers are cheaper than the disposable cartomizers.

What is e-Juice?
The base liquid used in the e-cig is commonly called e-Juice. It usually has 3 or 4 ingredients.

PG or VG base – Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin are the most common base liquids.

Flavor – Flavoring is added to give it …well…. Flavor. Vapors has over 119 different flavors of e-Juice and are continuously adding new ones. Our food science engineer is always coming up with something new. If you have a flavor suggestion please feel free to let us know!

Nicotine – depending on your needs, nicotine can be added to the e-Juice but it is not necessary. Many people start with a nicotine level equal to the regular cigarette brand they normally use. Vapors sells e-Juice in varying nicotine levels from 24mg to 0mg.

How do the batteries work?

There are two types of batteries, manual and automatic.

Automatic batteries will activate when you start to puff on the e-cig. And will automatically stop after a few seconds.

Manual batteries have a button that you press, which starts the e-cig. Manual batteries allow the user to “Pre-Heat” the atomizer and deliver a slightly warmer vapor. The manual batteries also have a safety feature that allows you to turn the battery off by quickly pressing the button 5 times. This prevents the units from starting accidentally.

A majority of the customers at Vapors purchase manual batteries.

What is an atomizer?
An Atomizer is probably the most important part of an e-cig. The Atomizer contains the coil which changes the e-Juice to a warm vapor. Since the Atomizer is an electric coil, it does eventually burn out. Atomizers have a life expectancy of about 2-3 weeks and should be replaced when your vapor production decreases or you start getting a burnt taste from the e-cig.

What is Flooding and how do I fix it?
Flooding is a term that is used by vapers when the e-juice travels down the center of the atomizer/cartomizer and onto the battery connection. You will know when your e-cig is flooded by the following symptoms:

Little or no vapor

Gurgling sound when you try to vape

No light on the battery button

To prevent flooding, be sure to use a properly charged battery and do not overfill your cartridge or cartomizer. If you do experience flooding, simple remove the excess e-juice from the cartomizer, and clean the battery contacts with a tissue to remove the excess e-Juice.


What if I am having problems with my e-cig?

If you are new to vaping and are experiencing problems with your e-cig, don’t panic!. Here are few things you should try to get your e-cig working properly and some Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Make sure your battery is “turned on” (press button 5 times to turn on and 5 times when ready to turn off).
  2. With MOD units make sure your battery is inserted correctly.
  3. Tanks and clearomizers last an average of two (2) weeks.  Remember to change your tanks/clearomizers.
  4. Cartomizers/tanks must be primed (full) or you will burn them out.
  5. Batteries must be charged every day (except for larger batteries like the “Bolts”)
  6. How to tell when your battery is charged?  Your USB charger has an LED, when you attach your battery a Green light indicates charged a Red light indicates it needs charging.
  7. Do not press the button down when your not vaping, this can burn out the clearomizer unit.
  8. Low batteries will cause flooding.
  9. Take care with electronic cigarette, they can break if misused or dropped.
  10. If you get a metal taste or not getting the same amount of vapor, your coil or clearomizer may need to be changed.
  11. Rebuildable tanks may be reused and you only change the coils. Coils last an average of two (2) weeks. 
  12.  If juice changes color that’s fine, the nicotine tends to oxidize over time and it should not affect the flavor.  There is a 1 year expiration date on e-liquid.
  13.  When attaching your tank to the battery, please take care to avoid cross-threading.
  14.  Most tanks are filled from the top, hold the bottle on side of tank and slowly fill the tank, do not fill past the line, this may cause flooding.
  15. Do I have to turn the battery off?     It’s safer to turn your battery off or you might accidently press the button and burn out your battery.
  16. How long does the  battery last?    650mah-6.5 hrs. /  900mah-9 hrs. /  1200mah-12 hrs.  approximately.
  17. Basic starter kits are suggested until you learn and are comfortable with “vaping”.  Once you are an experienced vaper you will want to upgrade to a larger more sophisticated model where you will get more of a “vaping experience”—more flavor, more vapor!
  18. Enjoy your Vaping Experience! and feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.